Arun Prasath

Hello Sir.. I would like to thank you first for your care and love that you got for everyone including me.. We are really fortunate that we got you as trainer for our IBM POWER SYSTEMS training at HCL.. Those were wonderful 20 days of training.. We wished it could have been even more longer.. You taught us not only about the Power Systems but also the values of life.. I really feel lucky that I met you in my life and I can't wait to see you again.. You have that power to bring out the positiveness in every individual.. Your dedication towards the job and training, that can't be matched with anyone.. I remember a quote which says "AGE IS JUST A NUMBER"- and you are the proof Sir.. I wish the God to give you a long and healthy life so that many others like me would get the opportunity to meet you.. Take care Sir..

 Subashini T

Great sir. Actually you deserve for these comments. You are the only reason to explored my ideas in IT

 Dhanashree Shelar

Hi Sir, Feel so lucky to have trainer like u in starting phase of career when we were just out from our college to corporate zone.. Best thing about u is,u r very impartial and treat every student with equality sir .. U hav alwys had answer to every single,even stupidest query of us with so deep explanations,!! N never got tired while repeating one thing again n explaining doubts of so many students... There are very very very few teachers whose first explanations perfectly hit the brain in first ateempt n u r among them!! Loveu load sir n million thanks for being part of our life even now. Keep rocking hamesha!! :-)

 Prabhu Sampath

Hi Mahesh sir, I would like to say thanks that I had a chance to attended the training session which you had provided for iseries . It helped me to understand the concept in depth and bit easy. Still a way to go sir

 Narayan Vispute

Dear Sir, You are really best wisher to us.

 Rajiv shanker joshi

Very Nice Sir.I realy like

 Brijesh Thakkar

" Mahesh Sir has indispensable knowledge of the IT industry. From the last 3 months, he taught us Technology like J2SD,J2EE and Microsoft .NET in DAC center at Nashik. The OOPs concept and other basic concept which were taught by him with such a good presentation, are really very hard to forget. His definition for any particular word, explanation to any topic, cannot be forgotten, Such a good clarification in was not in any Reference book I read, not even in any internet Website/tutorials I saw. From starting of the training, he gave personal attention and motivation to all the student. I found that at end of training, all the students were at the same level in regard to knowledge and none were confused by any topic taught by him. He is very much down to earth. Whenever you meet him he makes you feel fresh and energetic. Thank you very much sir for giving such a providing knowledge about technology, and clearing all the basic concepts. And most importantly thank you for your 7 points of making career in IT Industry."


Great to see your blog, my best wishes


Great sir.You are my ideal for IT.Thanks

 Sapana Vibhandik

Very informative n inspiring. Thanks for always guiding n encouraging me

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